Reinventing Delaware ​ Seeking ideas that will drive Delaware forward #reinventingdelaware

Reinventing Delaware ​ Seeking ideas that will drive Delaware forward #reinventingdelaware

The Pete du Pont Freedom Foundation's Reinventing Delaware program invites citizens to submit bold ideas that they believe will create jobs and make Delaware better. The Foundation invites the top submissions to a dinner at which 100 ideas are presented and judged. The winning ideas are then incubated for a period of six months and launched to improve Delaware. Congratulations to Markevis Gideon and NERDiT Now, a mobile device repair company which donates technology to nonprofits and schools and trains IT Technology professionals, on being name the winning idea of the Reinventing Delaware 2020 program! Online submissions for Reinventing Delaware 2021 are now OPEN! Submit Your Idea Reinventing Delaware Sponsors Elise & Pete du Pont 12DB_GLLD_DB_2c.jpg WU-LogoL_CMYK - Rectangle.jpg SRLogo4c.jpg Below we offer some guidance on what we are seeking in submitted ideas: Boldness Simply put, we are looking for ideas that will have a bold impact in Delaware. From earlier, Reinventing Delaware Dinners, we note some confusion about whether proposals are sought for public or private sector innovation. The short answer is "both", but we add that proposals for new public sector initiatives need to be focused on nurturing private sector growth and prosperity. Innovation Next, we value novelty. The dinners are rare events which gather bright minds. We don't want to use that precious time discussing the obvious; it is the innovative ideas that we seek. Viability Furthermore, we seek ideas that one imagines might be doable. Following the dinner, the Foundation supports a few of the winning ideas for the next year as they are brought to life. While we don't want to dull the enthusiasm of our dreamers, we hope to develop a routine in which great ideas become reality. Sustainability Finally, we encourage ideas that are likely to be sustainable upon completion of engagement between the Pete du Pont Freedom Foundation and the Idea Winners from Reinventing Delaware.

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